Hanford Battle Royale V

Hanford Battle Royale V: The Ultimate Pickleball Showdown!

Uniting Pickleball Enthusiasts: Winby2’s Hanford Battle Royale V

October 13 – October 15

Pickleball, a sport that’s been sweeping the nation, is set to take the stage once again at the Hanford Battle Royale V tournament organized by Winby2 Pickleball. With the excitement building and anticipation in the air, this event promises to be the ultimate pickleball showdown of the year.

Exclusive USA Pickleball Head-Referee Only Event

One distinguishing feature of Hanford Battle Royale V is that it’s an exclusive USA Pickleball Head-Referee Only event. This means that the officiating will be top-notch, ensuring fair play and precise decision-making throughout the tournament. With experienced referees overseeing every match, players and spectators can expect a high level of professionalism and integrity in the game.

The Ball: Franklin X-40 Optic Yellow

The choice of the pickleball used in a tournament can significantly impact the game, and at Hanford Battle Royale V, players will be using the Franklin X-40 Optic Yellow ball. Renowned for its consistency and durability, this ball is favored by players worldwide for its exceptional performance. It promises to add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament matches.

USA Pickleball Membership Required

Participation in Hanford Battle Royale V requires a USA Pickleball membership. This membership ensures that players are committed to the sport and its governing body’s values. It also helps support the growth of pickleball across the United States. For those who haven’t joined yet, this could be the perfect opportunity to become part of the vibrant pickleball community.

Event Details

Event NameHanford Battle Royale V by Winby2 Pickleball
Event DatesOctober 13 – October 15
Event TypeUSA Pickleball Head-Referee Only
Ball UsedFranklin X-40 Optic Yellow
USA Pickleball Membership RequiredYes
Event CategoryUSA Pickleball Sanctioned
Venue NameHanford Pickleball Club
Venue Address1010 West Grangeville Blvd., Hanford, CA 93230
Event OrganizerDoug Bates
Organizer Phone805-769-6997
Organizer Emaildoug.bates@winby2.fun
Hanford Battle Royale V

Venue: Hanford Pickleball Club

The tournament will take place at the Hanford Pickleball Club, located at 1010 West Grangeville Blvd., Hanford, CA 93230. This state-of-the-art facility boasts top-notch pickleball courts and facilities that are sure to provide the perfect backdrop for intense matches and memorable moments.

Contact Information

For more information about the Hanford Battle Royale V tournament, you can reach out to the event organizer, Doug Bates, at the following:

Mark Your Calendar!

If you’re a pickleball enthusiast or just curious about this rapidly growing sport, mark your calendar for October 13-15. The Hanford Battle Royale V promises thrilling matches, competitive spirit, and a chance to witness some of the finest pickleball talent in the USA. Don’t miss out on this fantastic sporting event!

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