APP SUNMED New Jersey Open

Get Ready for the Excitement: APP SUNMED New Jersey Open

Introduction to APP SUNMED New Jersey Open

Pickleball enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated APP SUNMED New Jersey Open is just around the corner, promising an exhilarating five days of intense competition and camaraderie. From September 6 to September 10, the Avalon Pickleball Center in Avalon, NJ, will play host to this electrifying event, bringing together players from across the nation for a tournament you won’t want to miss.

A USA Pickleball MMP Sanctioned Showdown

This event proudly holds the title of a USA Pickleball MMP Sanctioned tournament, underscoring its significance in the world of pickleball. The sport’s enthusiasts recognize the USA Pickleball sanctioning as a symbol of competitive integrity and a showcase of top-tier talent. Players participating in the APP SUNMED New Jersey Open can expect to experience the thrill of sanctioned play and the camaraderie of a passionate pickleball community.

Onix Dura Fast 40 Yellow: The Official Ball

Get ready to hear the satisfying “pop” of the Onix Dura Fast 40 Yellow ball as it takes center stage during the tournament. Known for its durability and consistent playability, the Onix Dura Fast 40 Yellow ball has become a staple in professional pickleball competitions. With each serve, volley, and smash, players will demonstrate their skills using this official ball, adding an extra layer of excitement to every match.

USA Pickleball Membership: A Ticket to the Action

To be a part of this incredible event, a USA Pickleball Membership is required. This membership not only grants you access to the APP SUNMED New Jersey Open but also connects you with a vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts, both seasoned players and newcomers alike. Joining the USA Pickleball community is your gateway to tournaments, events, and a wealth of resources to enhance your pickleball journey.

Event Details at a Glance

  • Start: September 6
  • End: September 10
  • Event Category: USA Pickleball Sanctioned
Event NameAPP SUNMED New Jersey Open
Event DatesSeptember 6 – September 10
Address8th Street Dunne Dr, Avalon, NJ 08202, United States
Event TypeUSA Pickleball Sanctioned
Official BallOnix Dura Fast 40 Yellow
Membership RequirementUSA Pickleball Membership
APP SUNMED New Jersey Open

The Avalon Pickleball Center: Where the Action Unfolds

The Avalon Pickleball Center, nestled on 8th Street Dunne Dr, Avalon, NJ, is the chosen battleground for the APP SUNMED New Jersey Open. With its top-notch facilities and inviting atmosphere, this venue promises not only fierce competition but also a welcoming environment for players and spectators alike. The picturesque location adds a touch of charm to the competitive intensity that will fill the air.

Connect with the Organizer

For any inquiries or additional information, you can reach out to the event’s organizer, Ken Herrmann:

Join Us for the Action!

Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball pro or just starting to discover the joys of the sport, the APP SUNMED New Jersey Open welcomes you to be a part of this remarkable event. Witness the incredible skills, the strategic gameplay, and the unwavering sportsmanship that define the world of pickleball. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and get ready for a week filled with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments at the Avalon Pickleball Center.

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